Monday, February 28, 2011

Confession. Obsession.

1. I took delivery of 60 heavily patched and frequently name tagged overalls this week.
2. They were supposed to be for customisation and embroidery. But.
3.They made a great nest for Joe on the kitchen floor.  He rolled around a bit, then threw a box of 150 detachable white collars into the mix and tried to flap them like cockatoo feathers. Four year olds are born performance artists.
4.I had no idea how to store the collection.  Then I noticed my freshly painted (Bauwerk limewash I love you so much I could drink you) newly minimalist shelves.  Bye bye clear surfaces.
5.The simple act of colour coding was fun.
6.I was almost overwhelmed by the information stored in the collection - company names, workers names and sizes and body types, laundry company names, project names, the smells of the work undertaken, the wreckage and corrosion and patina in the cloth.
7.I have trouble with visual diaries, but I think this project is calling for one.
8.I had this boyfriend and he left the country and he didn't take his company work gear.  I wore the logo embroidered shirts and trousers for some years after. There was a jumper fluro-painted with the slogan Safety Begins with Me. My boyfriend was not safe, but the jumper was good at parties.  Now it hangs on a peg next to the back door down at the homestead.  We found six bats living in it last year.
9.Two items accidentally found their way into the job lot - a pair of blue polyester overalls (I piffed them) and a very fine, brand new pair of khaki overalls.  I never thought I'd actually start wearing overalls, and I am very afraid of the whole 80's performance artist throwback thing, but there are those who would say it was only a matter of time before we came to this.
10.I'm thinking spiked heels, victory rolls and just a glimpse of net somewhere. If only to wear with the khakis as  I whip the other 58 items into line.
11.We're not talking about the 150 detachable collars, the 500 paper nurses hats, and the small piece of thick red leather. I suspect they'll butt in at some stage.

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