Monday, March 7, 2011


1. Some weeks ago, I visited my friend, author Jane Downing.
2.She showed me her small collection of covered hangers - my favourite was a gift from an aboriginal women's collective. There were black, red, yellow and sparkly lace elements.
3.Everyone had been telling me how important is was to see The King's Speech. I went to see Black Swan instead. This was a mistake.
4."Based on a true story" quipped a long-suffering boyfriend from the row behind me, as Natalie Portman's legs buckled/metamorphosed.
5.Jane lent me a sweater to stave off the air-conditioning.  There was something eastern european about the sleeves.
6."I did this back in the 80's." she said.  "I knitted the black lines between the patches, I was so silly. I did the quadratic equations to get it right."
7.When I came out of the cinema, there was a locust plague. I went around and around a deserted carpark, taking video. Then I sat in my car and filmed other people going around and around the deserted carpark, taking video.  I think we were all hypnotised into moving like bugs.
8.I really didn't want to give the jumper back, but I did.

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