Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hey Horatio

1. Alas poor Yorrick, I resuscitated him frequently.
2.Late 20th century momento mori from Tooles Disposals - closing down the Thursday before Easter. Wah.
3.He looks good as a stationery caddy - pencils in the brow, scissors through the top of the dome - but I'm also tempted to paint him up. Then he'll qualify as hand made at the Albury Makers Market.
4.Shove over Hirsty and lookout ric rac chicks.
5.Whack day today - fluctuating between Myles Davis Bitches Brew and Tim McGraw (Live like You were Dying)
6.Whatever gets you through stitched finger, studio sorting, and sunny cobwebbed house play. I guess.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Max To Tea

1. Sometimes it's good to just drive. We did. This is what we saw.
2.He was on his way to Mad Max's 30th in Broken Hill.
3.He reckoned it had cost him about 30 grand.
4.Driving it in public is a worry.
5.I saw Love The Beast the other day. Dr Phil descibed the importance of hobbies.
6.I wonder if artists need hobbies.
7.I am taking up the Way of Tea.

Monday, March 21, 2011


1. The posting deadline for entry to the Wangaratta textile comp is Wednesday.
2. The doctor said I am not to bend my finger.
3. All forty two half-done projects look at me like cattle that have been in the same paddock for too long.
4.Sweet peas are sprouting, even in my garden.
5.I spent a night out under the biggest moon in two decades and my thoughts were not hounded by poems. Not once.
6.I'm waiting for the mopoke that calls from the darkest hour.
7.Nothing doing but laundry.
8.And the love of gentle friends.

Monday, March 7, 2011


1. Some weeks ago, I visited my friend, author Jane Downing.
2.She showed me her small collection of covered hangers - my favourite was a gift from an aboriginal women's collective. There were black, red, yellow and sparkly lace elements.
3.Everyone had been telling me how important is was to see The King's Speech. I went to see Black Swan instead. This was a mistake.
4."Based on a true story" quipped a long-suffering boyfriend from the row behind me, as Natalie Portman's legs buckled/metamorphosed.
5.Jane lent me a sweater to stave off the air-conditioning.  There was something eastern european about the sleeves.
6."I did this back in the 80's." she said.  "I knitted the black lines between the patches, I was so silly. I did the quadratic equations to get it right."
7.When I came out of the cinema, there was a locust plague. I went around and around a deserted carpark, taking video. Then I sat in my car and filmed other people going around and around the deserted carpark, taking video.  I think we were all hypnotised into moving like bugs.
8.I really didn't want to give the jumper back, but I did.