Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tumbling Tuesday

Joe started Kinder this week - he's been having a ball and I've been having very strange dreams.  It's been wonderful to have two full days in the studio, but the freedom has gone to my head a bit and the staff at Tallangatta Op Shop and The Hub have had to put up with me hanging around and mumbling about socialisation.  The funny thing is that there are lots of other local mums in there too, saying similar things and buying ridiculous things. The older ladies just nod and smile, nod and smile.  I could list the purchases for the week, but that would be embarassing.  The house has become surreal as I process my haul - Raggedy (Handy) Andy in the sink with tea leaves getting a good staining, a large white macrame pot holder getting mussed up and at risk of a scorch and wax treatment, black red and gold horses rearing and bucking over worn-in tshirts...and so on. 
I also rearranged my bedroom. The bed now faces my open wardrobe, so I had to order it.  This involved relocating most of my apparel to the studio, carefully folding the treasured Penelope Durston frocks (The Harvest Smock, Agatha and Cressida) and hanging my rapidly growing collection of covered coat hangers.  They are all too lovely to cover up, so there they dangle. Coat hangers are tricky to catch in a photograph, but when I figure out a way to display them to you, in all their glory, I will.  I know I'm getting a bit obsessed and  having an empty wardrobe full of covered coat hangers is not really functional, or sustainable, but by god it's fun.
In the meantime, would you be appeased with a picture of Raggedy (Handy) Andy?  Am still deciding on how to embellish him. He's too big for the 6 baby doll's dresses with matching bloomers that I bought at The Hub...but that's another story.
xx Char.

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