Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's been way too long between fire drums, and tonight was the perfect evening to re-start the tradition.  I asked mum to throw us a zucchini on her way back from the veggie patch, and she came though with roma tomatoes, basil, and capsicum as well.  The corn came from the freezer, but it cooked up a treat and the charred bits tasted like popcorn.  There were cutlets marinated in rosemary, lemon and the superb olive oil I picked up from The Tallangatta Hub last week. The chicken drumsticks were a long slow cook, and accidentally smoked by the process.   With a very frou frou pink and blue sunset and the company of a good friend it was all very bucolic...until the ex-army metal folding chair collapsed on Joe's head and Joe's head did a slow-mo smack into our sincerely rustic concrete "table" (a slab of busted water trough resting on stacked blocks).  Guess a BBQ isn't a BBQ without someone getting mild concussion.  He's alright, and looking forward to grandstanding the damage to his public at childcare.  I'm still a bit shaky.

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