Monday, July 19, 2010

Going Commando

Deep button flies
Cut broad to just above the knee
Pleated and skirty but with legs
Heavy pure white cotton drill
Fully adjustable waist...these are a few of my favourite things about this armload of garments.
Try a pair on and suddenly everything becomes clear.
And I thought the saying "going commando" was something to do with muddy fatigues and saving on laundry.
These shorts are so easy and breezy we may never need to launder again.
Even when the summer to come starts to sweat our way.
Dreaming of sunny skies 
(and sharing a little of the love on Big Cartel)
Soon my darlings, soon.

XX Charlotte


  1. I thought going 'commando' was not wearing undies......
    definitely breezy in these then!!