Friday, July 16, 2010

Disposa Mania Spoils

I had half an hour to spare in Wodonga today, so I took a breath, set a spend limit and  ventured over the threshold at Tooles Disposals.  Last time I went there I disgraced myself to such an extent the sales people weren't sure that I was going to be able to fit my child back into the hatchback.  Billy The Toole did ask me if I'd like to visit his bunker, I asked the divine Miss Pen Pen if she'd like to come too - and she blogged all about that marvellous experience.  I didn't spend hard that day.  To busy taking it all in, swearing at the new camera, and enjoying the sight of my two idols doing deals.

Today, I had a Hotel - California - in - military dress - fetish type of experience.  I tried to leave four times and kept getting drawn back.  The helpful Steve Stuart mediated.  

These are my spoils:

A habit - Army Padre's.  There was a very small one too, with a zip front, waist and gathers.  I'm going to ask them to put it aside.  It would fit Min Mae perfectly and I'd love to see the dance jam she'd need to get out of it.

Two little chef's hats - slipped back to play ravaged scullion in

A target tshirt like you ain't never saw.  Wonder what would happen when it's worn out?

Gurkha Shorts - white white bloomers perfect for summer striding, skirty but not, label still on.  Now for the Dunlop Volleys and the knitted tank. Top that is.

Two white aprons - one for the front of the apron dress, one for the back.

Beautiful yellow and blue painted metal trays - studio organisers really.

Three black boxes - to tell me what happened, after the event.

Two medicine cabinets - one for the bathroom, one for cocktails

A pair of sweet unlined black rubber gloves

Three white cotton shirts - small to bust out of, with discreet epaulates for pinning things on

A shelf

A box of bits

Lovingly patched and name tagged overalls

More photos to come.



  1. you hussy!
    I am green with envy and purple with jealousy!

  2. ah pen just you wait
    have just rung in an order for some bulk stuff
    a little over-exciting
    if you are basket woman, I'm tray woman.
    frocks to follow soon
    xx C.

  3. ps thought of you Pen when I was up after midnight, agitating the napisan brew