Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Art and Rules and Perfect Grey

Rules are necessary in art.  
An example: Paint on the paper, you may not always want that colour on the floor.   
I had a rule for this blog - I would post only when ideas had arranged 
into proper little essays, and not before.

It's been a while between posts.
Let me amend that opening statement. 
Rules are necessary in art, as long as they don't get in the way of art.

The past few weeks have been host to a charcoal smudged mood, but yesterday was dove grey. 
A perfect dove grey, I said to myself as I stood in the Wodonga Safeway carpark. 
Nothing has ever seemed perfect from that perspective, so I knew the fugue was about to lift.
I took Joe swimming and he loved it.  We are still arguing about whether they removed the rope dividing the kids pool or whether they moved the water.   
I attempted to develop my son's browsing skills in Wodonga Plaza. We made a little progress.
And today, as wind and rain lashed our corrugated iron house and rainbows blazed in and out across the back paddocks, I started to work again. 

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