Wednesday, January 18, 2012


1.How to move camellia bushes and hydrangeas.
2.What's for dessert - when we seem to be giving up dairy, wheat, sugar and fruit

3.The headless stick figure shadow I throw at sunrise matches the rock art up at Mt Lawson.

4.Achieving 5.5volts on the electric fence between Near Bottom Hemps and Far Bottom Hemps.

5.That big article in The Weekend Australian full of gag inducing generalisations about pre-colonisation culture on this continent. That the author may have a point or two, but how words fail me in response.

6.Almost fail. My husband reckons that we are living our way back into dreamtime, keeping a foot in "Australia" and a foot in......

7.The header breaks down. Father and son lose a spear in the part of the river that starts to get deep.
8. Adidas lycra things

9.A two piece ensemble made from separated overalls. Would you belive me if I told you it looks very smart?

10.A pallet of cotton nurse's uniforms decomposing in Bill The Toole's hangar.

11.How to get the grass off the clay tennis court without spraying it.

12.What to wear once the grass is off the clay tennis court - 1930's blue and white would be lovely, but I keep having 1980's fluro fantasies. This is not allowed.

13.A battle/relationship/death slow dance with a Telecommunications Business Centre. I don't know whether to yarn bomb them or pursue their hint that they have a position available for me back in the office. Or is it just midsummer madness.

14.Finally realising that even decaffinated coffee renders me incoherent.

15.Not getting wistful about the days when my housemate opened a cafe in the front room and we sucked on that coffee machine like manic cherubim on the madonna.

16.Getting through a day without shouting.

17.The transparent red/orange/black/white cotton geometric body shirt and maxi pleated skirt that Tallangatta Op shop granted me two days ago. How it blazes.

18.White flesh peaches on the rack.

19.Cash. We had quite a bit in a sock and it was fun while it lasted. Would like some more. Liquid is the new credit.

20.Trust The Hunch.

1 comment:

  1. 1. dig them up and hope for the best
    2.fondue, fruit dipped in a dairy free melted dark chocolate sauce... yes I know it's got sugar but two out of three...
    6.maybe we are but maybe it's wishful thinking, but I like that kind of wishful thinking. and by the way how is your husband, has he healed as good as new?
    9. I bet it does.
    10. Ooooh, I want a decomposing nurses uniform, sounds very post-apocolyptic zombie to me.
    11. change the ph so the grass won't grow, maybe heaps of garden lime???
    12. 1930's. I now, I know eighties flouro BUT it just never looks good.
    16. a few deep breaths to center yourself and to remind your self don't bother! Shouthing is OK
    17. Nice
    19. Yes
    20. Yes
    21. I miss you