Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nannini Handbag, December 2011

When life goes wild, it's hard to know where to start. Sometimes I start with:

Nannini Black and Grey Handbag contents:

Duracell torch
Blackberry circa 2007 (because I fumble like a caveman over touchscreens)
Iphone 4 (because I've lost my cybershot again)
Car and powerpoint chargers
Needle and Thread
Black lighter
Opinel camp kitchen knife
Eden organics deodorant
$1400 in cash
Hooker's phone number
Graduated string of ebony beads (would like this in pearl one day)
Grinding stone from Argadargada Station (500km NW Alice Springs) to fit a ladies hand
$10 in loose change
Dodge Challenger matchbox car (my husband's favourite)
Straps cut from seams in pale blue overalls
2 elastic hair ties
Tear drop shaped cameo earrings
Flora by Gucci (tester that came with towels in a wedding present)
Jade ring
1 Rhinestone earring
Red alert lipstick by Australis
Map of the Quality Resort Siesta Motel, Lavington NSW (there are cacti, pancake machines and saunas here)
5 medical bill receipts
Fan (gold)
Blue Hermes wallet (fake)
Woodland Birds Identification Brochure.

That does not sum up just what has been going on lately, but the clues are there.

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