Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello Dolly

I  looked at the calendar today and realised I have been moping, miserable, and maudlin for one and half months straight.  Almost a personal best.  Dear Ms Hillside made us lunch and we ate under the tree she calls "The Dolly Parton of Magnolias". Hard to keep up the weeping when large pink and white petals are slapping you across the cheek. And your very healthy son is stuffing grass down your back. And the air, like the best of friends, is not too cool and not too warm. And the hard boiled yolks are as yellow as yellow.


  1. oh my! dolly is beautiful!
    can I come and doily her?
    was thinking of you the other day, wondering if you were still in town

  2. Isn't she a delight?
    We left town some weeks back, new adventure starts on Thursday.
    xx Char.

  3. Hope your adventures bring you deserved happiness.