Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Five Things about Camellias

1. The fully blown flowers drop like severed heads - some Japanese think this is bad luck.
2.There is a cafe somewhere, inside a great camellia bush. Everything is wooden. They serve sweet bean soup with rice cakes.
3.There was once a reddish tea dress with a drooping bias hem that would stir up and then soak up the wild nights and bruise like a wilting bloom. We all wore her.  She would take us out and we would rarely come back.
4.Some Camellias are sporting.  This means that they throw random blooms, like the pale pink one in this photo.  If grafted, the new plant is genetically different.
5.Ms Hillside has two sporting camellias, escorts to the great magnolia in her front yard.  She reckons her nan chose deliberately over the top shrubs because she was by no means an over the top woman.

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