Sunday, January 9, 2011

quick. unpick.

1. No pattern, no instructions, no pins, no pressing, no measuring. Feels like base jumping.
2. I'm cutting straighter, but this is because my material is restricted to plaid.
3. All my biscuit tins are tartan.  I am becoming plaid-obsessive.
4. I have a history with plaid - there was one outfit in the 1990's composed of tight plaid waiscoat over plaid wool flares under black watch tartan skirt, bustled, under brown wool skirt. Brave. Too brave.
5. It's an unjustifiable 120km round trip to Spotlight for the Quick Unpick, but I need it NOW.
6. Wood block carving tools do not work as quick as a Quick Unpick.
7. On the work table - little plaid bags for collecting fruit from the shops (I hate those plastic bags on rolls) and a superb plaid plastic bag-holding tube. Tried to sell them to  my friend, but he said he would go into ideological melt-down over the two concepts - wanting to fill the tube with plastic bags, but wanting to use the cloth bags. We could solve this by filling the tube with cloth bags, but....
8. Plaid is the new satin, when it comes to covering coat hangers. But that's another story...

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